Fitting in with the company’s culture is one of the most sought-out traits in a candidate. Being a culture fit means ticking all the extra boxes that a company can’t classify into one bucket—this includes:

  • Things you like and whether they align with the company values.
  • How well would you mesh with your coworkers?
  • If you’ll thrive as an employee in the company environment.

According to research, hiring for culture fit leads to happier and more productive employees, reduced turnover, and cost savings for the company.

If you’re applying for a dream job and want to demonstrate to the interviewer that you’re a cultural fit for the company, here are a few tips and tricks to assist you.

 Employee body language and attire are indicators of the company’s culture

Do Your Homework

The first step in demonstrating that you’re a culture fit is getting a better sense of the company’s culture before going in for the interview. Read up on the company’s reviews online, and check out what their employees have to say about them.

You can reach out to a few of those employees on LinkedIn to have a casual conversation about the company culture. You can even ask them to meet you if it isn’t inconvenient for them.

Think of an Answer and Rehearse

Once you have a fair idea of the company’s values, office environment, and work style, you should consider how those match your preferences. This will help you identify whether or not the company is the right fit for you, and it will also give you an idea of what to bring up during the interview when you’re asked, “Why do you think you’re the right fit for our company?”

You should also rehearse your response in advance, so you’re comfortable in time for the interview.

The workspace and seating arrangements are indicators of company culture

Dress for the Job You Want

When you show up for your interview, you don’t just want your outfit to be “interview-appropriate,” but also “company appropriate.”

Your choice of outfit can speak volumes about whether you’re a good culture fit. Since first impressions matter, the clothes you wear may not be the number one criterion that your interviewers judge you against.

A good rule to follow is to dress slightly nicer than the company’s everyday employee. For instance, if you’re interviewing at a hip new startup where everyone wears comfy clothes and T-shirts, you can wear nice slacks and a button-down to look professional yet casual.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

If your research hasn’t given you any actionable insights into the company’s culture, you can ask the interviewer during the interview, and get a conversation started about it right there. It will also give you a chance to prove how you would fit in.

If you need more help to perfect your body language and communication skills to ace the interview for your dream job, reach out to an expert job interview coach near you!

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