You have a crucial job interview tomorrow, and you’re nervous. If this is the reason why you’re here, we’ve got an effective way to help you out. Creativity, thinking on your feet, and finding the right words to impress your interviewer are the three things that you need to ace any job interview. Our list of improv exercises can help you flex your creative muscles, loosen up, and build confidence.

Try out the following activities to prepare for your job interview physically and mentally:

An HR executive interviewing a candidate for a position at their firm

Talk to yourself

We often make the mistake of focusing on the greatness of the potential job and the company and forget that we’re awesome too. Interviewers look for candidates who stand out and are confident. One excellent way of boosting your self-esteem before walking up the hallway is having a chit-chat.

Nothing shines like a person who owns themselves. Instead of talking about the negativity surrounding your old job, focus on your goals, and targets for the future. This will help you mask nervousness and build confidence.

Fake it till you make it

The power of pretend goes a long way. Difficult interviewers often throw challenging questions toward their interviewees, intending to confound them. Prepare for the unexpected by practicing the art of ‘if you don’t know it, act like you do.’

Launch into a monologue about a topic you’re unaware of. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t correct; the point is to speak authoritatively. Giving yourself that push will make you realize that you know more than you give yourself credit for.

A suited interviewer shaking hands with an interviewee

Walk in your interviewer’s shoes

Now, this may be a difficult thing to do, and you might need a friend’s help. But looking at your resume from an interviewer’s perspective is going to help you see yourself from their point of view. This will help you prepare for questions they may ask. Prepare crisp and focused answers to those questions so that you won’t be taken by surprise when they come up during the interview.


An interviewer can’t see what goes on in your mind, but they can read your body language, and that may give you away if you’re anxious or nervous. A short warm-up exercise can help you control the butterflies in your stomach before the crucial hour. Hold your arms and legs out one by one and shake them to your favorite tune. This is also a great mood enhancer.

Work with an interview trainer

Professional interview training providers design tailor-made exercises to help you deal with your specific issues. Whether you’re looking for panel interview training services or Skype and Zoom interview training services, we have the best professional interview coaches at Interview Guru. Reach out to us for more info.