The coronavirus pandemic has  many employees stressing out about their jobs and their livelihood. Countless businesses have shut down, and a huge number of people have lost their jobs. If you were recently laid off too, we know how stressed you probably are right now—especially if you have a family to support.

Even though things may look bad right now, we want you to know that employment opportunities are still available   in the marketplace.  However, to identify and secure a new career opportunity, you’ll need to get organized. Here’s how to  get off to great start after losing your job.

Take Some Time to Be With Yourself and Think About Your Career Path

Losing a job is tough, and while it’s a great idea to start looking for jobs right away, it’s better to do it when you’re in a positive state of mind. Use this time as an opportunity to give your choices some thought.

If possible, take some time off to heal emotionally and physically from the stress of your former job and the anxiety of losing it. This would also be an ideal time to tally your savings  to make sure you have enough to get by on and re-evaluate your salary requirements.

This is also a great time to think about your career path, including positions of interest and  the steps you need to take in order to reach your goals. Once you have more clarity, let’s move on to the next steps.

 A woman conducting a one-on-one interview session with a candidate.

Begin by Updating Your Resume

Youll likely feel better and a lot more positive when you have better clarity regarding what you want your future to look like, and this is the best time to start looking for new jobs.  Once you’re clear on your career goals, it’s time to update your resume.

Make sure you highlight everything you’ve learned in your previous job along with the skills that will help catapult your career. If you’re thinking of switching your career path, highlight relevant experience, core competencies, and soft skills that relate to the field even if they are small.

Make Sure Your LinkedIn Profile is Up to Date

One of the first things employers check is your LinkedIn profile. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and showcases the best skills you have to offer.

When you’re done with that, you can apply for relevant positions. Now, when you apply for your new jobs, you will most likely get calls for interviews—and these are perfect opportunities to show the company that you’re a great fit for their team.

One of the best ways to increase your chances of acing these interview rounds and landing the job is acquiring professional help. At The Interview Guru™, we offer interview coaching and mock interviews in addition to several other services. Contact our team for more information today.