What do you normally expect to see when you walk into an interview room? An interviewer? A panel of interviewers? Maybe a conference table with people sitting around it? But what if you walk into an interview room and see none of these things? What would you do if there is no interviewer?

A hot new trend in the world of interviews is a one-way interview! These interviews involve a computer and a web camera—just the two of you hanging out in a controlled space. This method is called an “asynchronous or automated interview” and makes the hiring process more efficient and time-effective—for both the company and the candidate.

Most often, this interview is the first step in the hiring process and helps the hiring manager shortlist candidates for the more in-depth, in-person interviews.

Let’s walk through some of the best practices and ways to navigate an automated interview should you ever be caught off guard.

Double-Check Everything and Make Sure It’s Working Properly

Nothing can be worse than giving an automated interview your best shot and then figuring out the microphone or the webcam wasn’t working. What a bummer!

While it’s easy to assume everything was set up by the company, it’s best to double-check and make sure. After all, it’s your interview at stake, not theirs.

Most automated interviews will have an option to let you run a practice session to get you better acquainted with the technology before beginning the formal round, so check to see if that option is available and take advantage of it.

Woman giving an automated interview at a company.

Keep in Mind That There Are People on the Other Side

When you’ve made sure that everything is working, it’s time to start the interview. If you’ve never spoken in front of a camera before, this might feel a little awkward—especially if you know you’re answering to a prerecorded video.

If it feels awkward, it helps to keep in mind that your video interview will be reviewed by real people—even if you’re not getting live feedback at the moment. So, make sure you’re well-dressed, sitting properly, and sound clear. 

A great tip is to prop up your laptop or sit further back to make sure you’re not directly in front of the camera, giving an “under-chin” view. Make sure the top half of your body is clearly visible.

Give Them a Shorter Version of Your Sell

While responding  to prerecorded questions, make sure your thoughts are clear and organized. A great way to go about this is  to note talking points ahead of time, highlighting relevant success stories and contributions

Even though your interview is essentially a recording that will later be reviewed by interviewers, that’s no reason to appear dull and lifeless. Be sure to keep a positive attitude throughout and show enthusiasm and excitement for the position..

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